An IT service contract proposal is one that is drafted by a company that provides IT services to other organizations. The proposal has details of the different IT services offered by the company along with proposing a brief history about the company. The proposal contract should include details of cost for providing IT services and time duration as well.

Sample IT service contract proposal

Name of the company – Stotic IT Services Company

Address of the company- #76, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan, London, CF45

Email address of the company –

Contact details of company – 112-223-3334

IT service contract proposal prepared by – Mr. Anthony McCredie

Designation – Chief Officer – IT Services

Brief history about company

Stotic IT Services Company has been the pioneer company in offering IT services to many clients belonging to various service segments in the market. It is on account of the high quality of service that we have always offered that our company has attained many accolades from the Association of Service Providers.

Brief Description of IT Services

At Stotic IT services company we offer the following services to our clients:-

  1. We provide complete financial solutions to companies running their financial planning manually.

  2. We provide end to end network solutions that offer significant improvement in system down time and improve quality of service for our clients.

  3. We provide database backup and retrieval services for lost data that saves our clients from investing huge money unnecessarily.

  4. We also offer office automation solutions that are extremely efficient and offer faster processing of activities for our clients.

  5. We are also capable of providing study of product life cycle so that numerous systems work on a single platform and are rectifiable for any significant lapses as well.

Estimated Cost to Client

Our company charges 5000 pounds for each IT service availed by the clients and can provide a combination of services at reasonable rates which can e finalized upon further discussions.