IT service proposal are presented by various IT companies representing the kind of services they wish to provide to their clients. Such kind of proposals must be constructed with a business approach in order to serve as a compelling message to the prospective clients.

Sample IT Service Proposal

Name of the company: STS Consultancy and IT service provider

Proposal Prepared by: Mr. S Raghunathan

Managing director-IT services

Who we are:

For years, we are proving global IT services to our clients. They are highly satisfied with our work and helped us to transform and emerge as Asia’s one of the largest IT service provider. Our services helps to bring you such certainty that no other competitor could match. Hence, recently we are planning to expand the areas of our services so that more people seeking our services with different business intention can be benefitted by it.

New range of services we are planning:

  • Customizing the available software according to client’s requirement so that it could serve them even better
  • Optimum application management of the available software or the existing one for achieving maximum control and efficiency
  • Reliable services are provided for fixing any problems related to application process
  • Services are provided for integrating multiple systems so that they could cater to different stages of a product life cycle.

Estimated Budget for implementing new services: $ 50000 approximately

Last date of proposal submission: 5th August 2011

Kindly note that proposal acceptance would not remain valid after the above-mentioned date.