An IT support proposal is a document which enables the smooth formulation of an IT proposal in a manner that it is effective, concise and impressive. Since such a proposal forms the first impression on which contracts are to be granted, they must be written carefully and appropriately.

Sample IT Support Proposal

Name of software: Easy Solutions.

Presented by:  Lava Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

In response to tender number: 847847

Floated by: Researchers.NET

Our aims and objectives: Lava Software Solutions takes pride in its human and technical resources and in its capability to provide the most user friendly software devices at the most affordable rates.

We specialize in: Our products are quality tested and thoroughly checked before being made available in the market. We specialize in creating software solutions for the storage of high volume data. Our services have been proved useful especially in companies which handle large volumes of client data.

Easy Solutions offers: Easy Solutions offers a compact and hassle free method of storing enormous amounts of data and retrieving them with just one click. Not only does it require a fragment of disk space that ordinary data handlers use, it also comes with its own virus detectors and formatting devices.

Cost: The product is available at a trial version of $1000. Prices are negotiable after the initial trial run. Enclosed with the proposal is a three month subscription of the software for trial purposes.

We hope to hear from you very soon,

Thank You,

Simon Richardson

Executive Director

Lava Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.