Training is considered to be one of the essential parts of IT industry in order to run the business effectively and efficiently adapting new technologies. Hence, IT training proposal is presented by IT industry, which explains the needs, defines the activities and analyzes ways to prove the effectiveness of a particular training program.

Sample IT Training Proposal

Name of the company: LTN INFOTECH

Training Title: Utility of Systems, Applications and Products (SAP)

Prepared by: Mr. H. Martin

Training Acquisition

Date of proposal submission: 15th August 2011

Intended people: Employees of our company who has experience of more than 1year

Description of the training:

The training will define the need of SAP in IT industry, its use and implementation of existing programs etc. It would also give detailed idea to the employees regarding the various functional domains of SAP. Even detailed ideas would be provided regarding the maintenance of database by utilizing SAP software.

Objective of the training:

  • SAP solutions are emerging as one of the industry specific business solutions hence it would help us to achieve our upcoming endeavors.
  • Identifying essential components of this particular software would help us to build new products from it, which could be utilized further.
  • SAP modules are interconnected hence it helps to maintaining central base unlike legacy systems that shows lack of interconnection between different applications and hence it results to time lag. Therefore, this would be an adaptation of latest technology.

Duration of the entire training program: Approximately 6-8 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 15th September 2011