Every industry takes initiative for enhancing their business by upgrading the existing work framework, policies etc. IT upgrade proposal is one such document, which drafts the plan of upgrading any particular IT business. This kind of proposal should be constructed efficiently and with a business approach.

Sample IT Upgrade Proposal

Name of the company: MTL IT service provider

Prepared by: Mr. H. Richberry

Managing Director- Computer system management

Title of the proposal: Plans for upgrading and implementing new technologies in workplace

Date of issue: 3rd July 2011

Objective of the request for proposal:

Our company is a leading IT service provider for the last 7 years. We are growing at a faster rate and receiving huge appreciation by our clients. In order to progress, we are planning to upgrade our business plans so that we are able to deliver high performance in recent future as well. Hence, we are planning to upgrade our computer system and technologies in order to deliver better performance ahead.

Upgrade plans:

  • Managing and installing all the existing and troubleshooting computers so that our employees could make the best use of it.
  • Installing advanced software or developing new ones for serving the purpose of the clients efficiently.
  • Increasing the security of the existing database of our previous work so that it could be utilized in future as well

Estimated cost for upgrading: $25000-$30000 approximately

Time required for implementing the following plans for upgrading: 6months-1 year

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th August 2011

We are requesting our investors and clients to respond before the last date.

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