A job description proposal is usually created by an individual who is interested in working at a particular designation and wants to give a description of the kind of work he does and has experience in. A job description proposal must contain the name and details of the prospective candidate and a summary of the work duties and responsibilities of his previous or current post. It should give an introduction to explain the nature of the work he does and one can also add how much he charges for that kind of work. By mentioning the kind of work he has experience in, the candidate creates a good impression on the recruiter because it shows that he already knows about the work.

Sample Job Description Proposal:

Name of candidate: Bryan Johnson

Address: 3010 Tulip Lane, Ohio

Name of proposal: Proposal describing post of sales manager

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The goal of this proposal is to provide a job description of my current designation as a sales manager and hopefully convince the recruiter that I have the right skills for the job offered by the company

Details of Job Description Proposal:

  • My current duties involves leading a team and researching various market trends, target consumers and formulating sales strategies depending on those results and keeping with the company’s sales target
  • I have two years’ experience working as a sales manager and a bachelor’s degree in business management, specialising in sales
  • I have excellent communication and networking skills