A job franchise proposal outlines the key characteristics and features that comprise of a specific firm or organization applying for a job franchise. A job franchise generally involves acquiring rights for imparting consultancy services in the job sector – which often involves passing news and information and/or training as well for cracking certain jobs. The proposal, thus, requires thorough understanding and evaluation of the requirements of the specific job franchise.

Sample Job Franchise Proposal:

Proposal for: New Jobs Guidance Academy [suggested] – A joint venture of the Sunrise Ltd. And Jacob-Niota Group of Companies.

Proposal placed by: Lee Anne

Marketing Research Head

Energys Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., New York

Proposal drawn as on: 18-Sep-2014


The purpose of drawing up this proposal is to cater to your company’s new venture and all corresponding requirements for opening up an effective job franchise.

Key areas of concern:

Being in the consultancy and market survey business for more than 16 years, we have learnt a lot on how the market behaves and how to shape careers accordingly. Hence we have identified the following areas to be the ones being developed:

  • Employment news will be the prime concern. The company would need to be updated with the latest employment information.
  • Knowing the audience well is important. It is necessary that the guidance to be provided should be imparted after thorough analysis of the candidate’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Career updates should be provided at regular intervals. Jobs provided should offer flexibility to a person’s career.
  • The job franchise must look after promotional details and advertisement techniques that help reach out to an effective and appreciable lot.
  • Career opportunities provided must be aligned well with the person’s capabilities as well as his/her area(s) of interest, otherwise it would affect the organization’s brand value in due course of time.

Project Plan:

This proposal is just a pre-rendition of the actual project to be conducted, and as a part of that we can briefly say that the job franchise proposal primarily consists of ideas to effectively garner out maximum possible and successful job opportunities, in keeping with the talents and qualifications of the candidates.