A Job offer proposal is a document which enlists a candidate’s qualities and assesses his or her suitability for a particular job. They are judged by a panel of the company offering the job and hence they must be written clearly and impressively. They must be extremely professional and concise.

Sample Job Offer Proposal

Name: Jacob Stevens

Date of birth: 13.06.1980

Post applied for: Assistant professor in English

University: Illinois University

Educational qualifications: Received a Bachelor’s Degree with a high second class from the University of Michigan. Received a Master’s degree from the same university with a First class. Currently pursuing an M.Phil degree from the Georgia University and also engaged in part time professorship in the same.

Areas of interest: My core areas of interest and research include the Renaissance and Reformation. Not only have I presented papers in international seminars (some papers have been included in an e-format); I also intend to complete my PhD in this area of specialization.

Salary expected: as per the stipulated norms, I am hoping to be given around $ 800 per month till my PhD is completed. At present I am also a beneficiary of Charles Wallace Grant for Renaissance Studies.

Aims and objectives: I hope to instill in my students an understanding of the complex and inspiring period called the English Renaissance, linking it with the Renaissance in other cultures like the Italian Renaissance. A close study of corresponding texts will also help me invigorate my lectures. I will also hope to encourage my students in presenting project and papers.

Email id: jacobstevens@email.com


Contact number: 8483472387