Job promotion proposal is being presented by the employees to their respective employer for seeking a higher position which will explore their abilities for the progress of the business. Such kind of proposal must outline an employee’s efficiency and skill graciously so that it gets accepted by the concerned authority.

Sample Job Promotion Proposal

Title of the proposal: Proposal for job promotion

Name of the company: Nelson and Co

Prepared by: Grade-B employees

Prepared for: Board of Directors and HR administrator head

Date of proposal issued: 9th of February 2011

Reason for the proposal:

For the last few years we are significantly attached with this company and delivered our best performance to bring consistent success for it. We hope to deliver our best in the upcoming endeavors of the organization as well. Therefore, we, the Grade-B employees, are seeking for a promotion so that we could explore endless opportunities for our company and could utilize the position for achieving new dimensions for it in near future.

We expect that our performance and service for the organization is tremendous and today this has taken us to a new height in the global market. Hence, we have a high hope of having our proposal granted by the higher authority so that we could serve even better than before.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 9th March 2011

This is our humble request to the concern authority of the company that they should kindly take a note of this proposal before the last date mentioned above.

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