Job proposal for job sharing is presented by an individual or a company with an intention of sharing a single job position among two or more people. This kind of proposal should emphasize on knitty-gritty of the job position which it requires.

Sample Job Proposal for Job Sharing

Proposal title: Proposal for sharing the position of manager

Proposal created by: Mr. Lewis Phillip

HR Acquisition- Head

Proposal created for: Grade- A employees of the company

Date of presenting the proposal: 6th August 2011

Objective of presenting the proposal:

This proposal is presented to all “GRADE A Employees” on behalf of our company with an intention of introducing a new job sharing position designated as MANAGER –WORK PROCESS. We are planning to divide the work of the MANAGER position into two parts administration and work process. Hence, we are looking for a talented and skilled employee.

Plan of action:

  • Best talent and skills should be exercised for bringing endless opportunities for the company.
  • Even should have the potential of handling team and creating new strategies for improving the quality of work process and operation.

Total budget estimated for introducing the new job sharing position: $ 4500 approximately

Last date for submission of the proposal acceptance: 5th September 2011

[Please note that the employees accepting the proposal must submit a write up on “what would be your plans for improving the work process of the company?”. Selection of the desirable candidates would be done through this write up followed by an interview process.]