A Job proposal form is filled in by the candidates seeking for acceptance in a particular post or job. They are essentially documents which highlight the skills, educational qualifications and vision of a candidate. They are the basis on which the candidature of a person is judged and hence they must be filled in very carefully.

Sample Job Proposal Form

Please fill in the first few blanks before proceeding to the rest of the job proposal form

Your name: ________________________________________

Date of birth: _______________________________________ [date/month/year]

Post for which you have applied: ___________________________________________

Date of submission of the proposal form: _____________________________________

Briefly elucidate your educational qualifications with respect to the skills that you consider are pertinent for this particular job application: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mention the special skills that you will be bringing into this job if you are selected. Also mention the qualities which will make you our valued employee: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Provide the estimated salary that you expect to draw every month form this particular job. Also mention any perks that you consider vital, like health insurance and easy loans: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you understand by the term teamwork? Would you consider yourself a team player? Explain in some detail: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Briefly outline the kind of work you expect to do in this post. If you have any previous work experience mention that also: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Explain why you have applied for this post. Where do you see yourself five years from now as far as your career is concerned? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you hope to learn from this job? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________