A Job proposal format is a layout which gives idea to a prospective candidate that how a job proposal should be constructed in order to make their profile more appealing and get maximum acceptance for any job position.

Sample Job proposal Format

Name of candidate:

Nature of the job applied for:

Post applied for: [Fill in the relevant details]

Objectives: [Mention, in brief, the objectives you hope to fulfill by taking up this offer. Also highlight your own aims regarding your professional standing in the years to come and what you expect to gain from this job]

First paragraph: The first paragraph of job proposal format must set out the candidate’s suitability for the particular post. It must outline his or her relevant qualifications and academic background. The important mark sheets may also be presented for inspection. The importance of this section of the job proposal format lies in the fact that it describes the eligibility of the candidate for that particular post. It must be framed concisely and with the correct degree of humility and grace.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a job proposal format must pitch forward the clients specific queries and expectations from the job. The delicate matter of salary must be mentioned here. Any other perks the candidate expects from his or her job must also be specified to ensure transparency and a free interaction.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph forms the conclusion of the proposal. It must finish with why the candidate must be chosen over others. However, the tone of this section must be kept professional. The candidate can also outline his or her plans for the job, the unique skills which will be brought in and the scope of the job in ensuring professional success.

Thanking you,


(Signature of the candidate in full)