Job proposals are documents which outline the skills and caliber of a potential candidate designed to attract the notice of prospective employers. They must be framed carefully as they constitute the first impression an employer has of the candidate in question. Job proposals must be comprehensive yet concise. They must be written keeping certain guidelines in mind in order to be effective and valuable. In a world of stiff competition, first impressions become last impressions. So it is very important to make an impressive job proposal. Certain key points have to be incorporated in a job proposal as following:

  • The academic background of the candidate must be given in detail. This forms the basis on which the skill of a candidate is usually judged.
  • Prior work experience must be mentioned including reasons for quitting a previous job.
  • The candidate’s aims and objectives as far as professional success is concerned must be specified clearly.
  • His or her areas of interest must be elucidated. His or her special and unique skill set that gives a leading edge must also be championed.
  • Details of expected payment must be put in. Also, the candidate may mention his or her goals and professional vision.

The advantages of job proposals include the fact that they are an effective means of judging a candidate. An impressive job proposal is more likely to attract attention than an ineffective one. So they must be treated seriously and written keeping these objectives in mind. Job proposals can make or break careers.

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