A joint consumer proposal is a document which is filed by two or more persons in order to declare their insolvent status and to request either for more time to clear debts or to dissolve debts altogether or in part. This proposal must be prepared either by the individuals themselves or by their financial managers as the case may be.

Sample Joint Consumer Proposal

Name of consumers making the joint proposal: Mr. Harold Jenkins and Mrs. Jenna Jenkins.

Proposal prepared by: Solvency Pvt. Ltd. We are a company that specializes in debt management and we undertake to prepare feasible and reasonable plans in order to enable debit ridden customers to work off their debts without compromising their legal or ethical integrity.

Date of submission of joint consumer proposal: 2nd July 2011.

Joint consumer proposal submitted to: The State Bank of United States

The debts of both joint consumer proposes collectively amount to: $ 2000000

[Please check enclosed document for more details on individual debts and credit assessment]

Reasons for waiving off the collective debts of both individuals:

  • Both Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are victims of the economic recession which caused them to lose their jobs through no faults of theirs.
  • Being parents of three small children this huge debt should be waived off on humanitarian grounds. It is a debilitating debt and is causing considerable psychological trauma.
  • The joint consumers’ clean track record until now and their impeccable professional careers should also go a long way in waiving off this debt.
  • Their collective sellable assets amount to one fourth of the debt amount. Subtracting this amount should help waive off the remainder.

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