A joint marketing proposal is a document which puts forward the plans and strategies for the marketing of a joint business. A joint business is one in which two or more organizations or companies agree to utilize the assets of each company in order to create an effective and valuable partnership that benefits both companies and above all the customers.

Sample Joint Marketing Proposal:

To whom it may concern.

Proposal for marketing presented by: Market Readers Pvt. Ltd.

Companies participating in the joint venture: Red Herring Computer Software Systems and Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Our objectives in applying for this joint marketing set up:

  • With our previous experiences of working with joint business ventures, we know exactly how to keep the interest of both the parties in the fray without compromising on the assets of either.
  • We are aware of the values associated with both companies and would want to be a part of any venture they set up.

Our marketing plans for this joint venture:

  • We intend to attract clients of one company by the promises of added facilities which are provided by the other company. For more details please consult our presentation on the same.
  • We will tap into the goodwill of both companies in order to multiply and profitably increase the client base of both companies.

Our charges: $300000 roughly. Detailed payment scheme will be intimated to you once the deal is sealed. We hope to work with you soon. Thanking you,

Robert Adams,

Creative Director,

Market Readers Pvt. Ltd.

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