A joint venture business proposal is a document which provides an introduction about the services of a company, organization or an individual entrepreneur in order to attract and secure a joint partner. It essentially outlines the advantages and risks that the potential investor will have to consider before taking the plunge. It must be an honest, fair and impartial assessment of the stakes.

Sample Joint Venture Business Proposal

Name of company: Cookie Delight

Nature of company: We are a budding delicatessen specializing in exotic and uncommon desserts at an affordable price.

Year of establishment: 2001

Annual turnover for years 2001, 2002 and 2003: approximately $ 4000000 {details are provided in the presentation accompanying this document}

We are looking for a JV system because:

  • We are amateurs in the field of specialty desserts. Our expertise lies in the actual making of the desserts and not so much in the daily operation of the company.
  • So far we have only one outlet in New York which is doing extremely well. We are looking at plans of expansion as well and we need more manpower and greater expertise for that.
  • We are deeply impressed by the services your company offers to budding chains like ours and we would be happy if a partnership could be formed.

Stakes: 50-50 partnership, with equal division of shares and profit.

You gain:

  • Greater visibility
  • Partnership of a thriving company
  • Half the profits and shares of our company
  • An access to a field which is new to you.

Contact for more information: 473467367