A landscaping contract proposal is a kind of a formal document or proposal which is made between a landscaping company and a client. Generally these proposals are formed by landscaping companies in order to generate more business and to make a business offer to the client.

Any landscaping contract proposal lays down the basic terms of the landscaping contract which the client can either reject or accept. A sample of a landscaping contract proposal has been given below and can be used as a reference document by anyone.

Sample Landscaping Contract Proposal

Name of landscaping company: Red Greenery Services

Address of company: D-89, ground floor, modern avenue, London

Contact number of comapny: 472490703

Name of the client: Billy Andrews

Official address: W-89, second floor, Nathan building, Peters Square, London

Contact number of client: 47350305

Proposal presented and prepared by: Greg Johnson, Director, Red Greenery Services

Proposal presented to: Billy Andrews

Proposal presented on: 4th May 2014

Objective of landscaping contract proposal

This is a landscaping contract proposal which has been formed to send you an offer of landscaping services for your Company farmhouse. We shall be providing yearly landscaping services for a fixed amount and for a fixed period of time.

The following are the terms of the proposed landscaping contract:

  • Red Greenery services agree to offer landscaping and beautifying services for the improvement of your company farmhouse located at 345, Timothy garden estate, London.
  • The Client will have to make a total payment of $10000 on the commencement date of the contract which is 1 June 2014 and shall remain into effect for a period of 1 year.
  • The Red Greenery service provider will be in charge of laying down the basic structure of landscape and then decorating the landscape as desired by the client.

Kindly sign the proposal and send us a copy to accept the terms.