A laundry business proposal is a document which outlines the important considerations which need to be taken into account while starting a laundry business. It must be clear and well thought out and all key areas must be addresses. It can be accompanied by a slide presentation. This also serves as documentary evidence in case of any problems.

Sample Laundry Business Proposal:

Name of laundry business: Mr. Clean Laundry Service

Intended date of establishing business: 4th May 2011

Area to be serviced: 11th and 12th Madison Avenue, New York

Joint operators: Felix Hobain and Derek Daniels

Our targeted client base: families and workers in and around the Madison Avenue area. We will also tie up with the two hotels in the vicinity for packaged laundry service.

Our aims and objectives:

  • To establish an annual turnover of 300000 $
  • To provide fast and effective and easy accessible laundry service to our regular customers
  • To take full responsibility for any errors on our part
  • To expand our business in other areas of the city, and eventually to other cities.

For self service, our outlet location will be in: 34A, 11th street, Madison Avenue

Rough cost per article of clothing in case of home delivery of laundry: 2$

Rough cost per article of clothing in case of self service: 1.5$ [Prices are subject to terms and conditions like color, kinds of fabric, dimensions, season etc.]

Timings of our self service outlet: 8am to 9pm.

No of machines we plan to operate at our self service outlet: 12

Contact for more information: 74367364

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