A law enforcement project proposal refers to any proposal that has been prepared by an individual or officer to promote a project which deals with the law enforcement or related work. The proposal follows the chain of command where it goes from lower level to higher authority for approval. The topic of the project, the details and all the specifications of the proposal are given in the document.

Sample Law Enforcement Project Proposal:

Organisation Name: New Amber City Police Department

Organisation Address: 67th and 3rd, Mari Square, New Amber City, California, USA.

Proposal prepared by: Mr. Jeremy Jolt, Senior Officer

Proposal presented to: Mrs. Jessica Feathers, Brighten NGO & Human Rights Organisation, and New Amber City, California, USA.

Date of proposal presentation: 23rd of March 2013

Objective of the Proposal:

The NAPD is proposing to collaborate with the Brighten organisation and launch a ‘Law Enforcement Self Help for New Amber Localities’ program/ project. The purpose of this program will be to create awareness among the local population about the various laws for their security and also make them self sufficient to an extent.


  • The program will be funded by the state authorities.
  • We plan to set up 5 help centres across the city to make the program accessible to all alike.
  • We will also conduct regular workshops in those centres where the people can come and become familiar with the different laws that the state has set up for the protection of the city.
  • A few special officers from the current roster must be transferred to the centre work. These individuals need to be extremely good in public speaking and related matters.


The program as described above will help create awareness about the law and the importance of its implementation. It aims at invoking a sense of responsibility amidst all the people and to eliminate any sense of helplessness an individual might feel in absence of help.