A law enforcement training proposal refers to those proposals which are prepared with the aim of presenting an idea that a law enforcement training must be provided to certain target population. Law enforcement training is mostly imparted to the employees and members of the organisations in the law and law enforcement industry itself. Below is a sample of a law  enforcement training proposal.

Sample Legal Enforcement Training Proposal:

Date: 27th of June, 2013

Presented and prepared by:Mr. Donny Thomas,

Proposal presented to:Mrs. Emma Gillian, ADA

Correspondence Address:345, Newman Street, Lipson Lake, New York, USA.

About the Project:

The idea being represented by this proposal is to plan and implement a training project which improves the scope of law enforcement in the city. The training will progress with the participation of all the segments of the law and order authorities in the city.

Details of the Project:

  • The first aim will be to improve coordination within the different departments in the city so as to promote smooth operations in reference to the enforcement of laws and legislations.
  • The coordination can be improved coordination training exercises and through social events like mixer events, workshops, conferences etc.
  • The next focus would be to promote transparency in the functions of every department.
  • Also proposed is organisation of regular training conductions for employees of all the departments individually to explain to all of them how they can improve the performance of the respective department.
  • Each department and all of its employees will also be trained to communicate with the public in a more efficient manner so that they are equipped to keep all the situations in control. They will also be trained by experts as to how to handle the public resistance to implementation of current or new laws/ legislations.