The lawyer proposal letter can be written for several reasons. It can be constructed by the client for approaching a particular lawyer. It could also be composed by the lawyer and directed to the opposing lawyer for a particular case. Irrespective of the reason, such a letter needs to be organized and should have all the basic points properly highlighted. There is also a need to be brief since lawyers are enormously busy. The lawyer proposal letter should carry details of the case in question.

Sample Lawyer Proposal Letter



James Smith

Attorney of Law

Barnes and Nobles

11, Springfield Terrace,


Sub: To offer a particular case for handling.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have recently met with an accident and although I am fine now, my car is ruined. The accident happened 5 days prior to writing this letter and I have noted down all details pertaining to it including the car number that caused the accident. I have even located its owner, Mr. Jacobs.

I would like to sue Mr. Jacobs for damages made to my car as well as the emotional and physical trauma I had to endure due to the accident. Had he not fled from the scene, I would not have considered creating a legal case against him but I feel it is unjust to let him go without the consequences.

I have heard of your enormous repute and will be wiling to pay the fees and additional charges as required. Please respond to this letter as soon as possible.


Jason Matt.