A lease proposal document is a proposition written either on behalf of a landlord, tenant or a real estate agent which gives an outline of the various terms and conditions associated with the lease of a particular property. The most important things to be mentioned in a lease proposal agreement are the names of the parties involved, that is, the landlord and the tenant; the details of the leased property must also be given including address, size etc; next point to be mentioned in the rent, utilities, security deposit and the duration of the lease. Other terms like notice period and additional instructions can also be given.

Sample Lease Proposal Document:

Name of lessor: Roger Daniels

Address: 929 Oxford Lane, California

Name of lessee: Tisha Jackson

Address: 302 Owl Alley, California

Address of leased property: 199 Olympia Lane, California

Name of proposal: Lease of property for residential purposes

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to describe the terms and conditions the lessee is expected to follow by leasing the house located in the address mentioned above

Details of Lease Proposal Document:

  • The house must only be used for residential purposes and permission must be taken from the lessor for sub-leasing it
  • The rent to be paid by the lessee is $1000 per month in addition to utility bills
  • A refundable security deposit of $3000 must also be paid
  • The lease shall be of a duration of 1 year which can be extended at the end of the term