A lease proposal form is used to make a proposal for lease of a property or an item which is then approved by the lessee and the lessor who make a formal agreement based on it. Like any other form, it asks for information about the lessee and the lessor, the property, its area, address, rent to be paid by the lessee, any security deposit, term of lease and any other terms and conditions are also mentioned. All the information submitted here is not legally binding because this is a lease proposal form and not formal agreement. But the information given here is crucial in the formation of the final document as both parties get an idea of what to expect.

Sample Lease Proposal Form:

Name of landlord: _____________

Address of landlord: ______________                                  Phone number: ________________

Name of tenant: __________

Address of tenant: ______________                                      Phone number: ________________

Address of property: _____________

Area of property: ___________


Rent: _________ per month                       Utilities bills, if to be paid by the lessee: ___________

Refundable security deposit: _____________

Term of lease: _________ year(s) from _______ to __________

Provision for parking: _______________             Provision to sublet: ________________

Terms and conditions to be followed by the tenant:




Lease proposal prepared on: ___________

Proposal prepared by: __________

Proposal submitted on: __________

Date of occupancy: _________

Names and age of family members of primary tenant: ____________

Mention if the tenant has any pets: ____________

How will the tenant pay the rent?

Credit card_________ Cash__________ Cheque_________ Net banking_____________


Proposal signed and approved by:

Landlord: __________

Tenant: __________