A lease proposal is a document which mentions the basic terms and conditions of a lease, written either by the owner of the property or the landlord. The proposal will include the area of the property on lease, the duration of lease, the rent and other necessary details which a tenant needs to follow if he is interested. Since this is just a proposal, it is like a temporary lease document laying down what the tenant can expect from the property if he agrees to accept the proposal, and later on a formal lease agreement is made between the two parties based on the objectives and terms discussed in the lease proposal.

Sample Lease Proposal Format:

Title of proposal: _____________

Proposal presented by: __________

Date of presenting the proposal: _________________

Name and address of property: ___________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the lease proposal must give the solicitation number for reference, the date and address of the property to be leased.

Second paragraph: The second para must go on to describe the proposal in details and give more information about the property like the floor and rates, monthly rent, other rents, age of the building, description of the building, the neighborhood, garbage disposal, maintenance, parking space, amenities provided and any other terms and conditions.

Third paragraph: The final para must include the duration of the lease, any notice period to be given by both parties to terminate the lease etc. Keep space for the tenant and the landlord to sign towards the end of the proposal.