A lease proposal letter is like a letter of intent written by the landlord to the tenant which describes the basic terms and conditions of the lease. It is an informal way of informing the concerned party about the conditions and requirements and nothing written here is legally binding. If the potential tenant is satisfied with the information given in the letter, he shall sign a new agreement along with the landlord where they many choose to keep the same terms or add new ones. The lease proposal letter thus serves as a guideline in creating the final agreement.

Sample Lease Proposal Letter:


Mr Anthony Reynolds

62 Northwood Park, London

Subject: Leasing of property

Dear Mr Reynolds,

With reference to your queries regarding the lease of the property owned by me at Northwood Park, I would like to present to you a proposal regarding the lease. The total area of the house is 3,000 sq feet and I plan to lease the house for a monthly rent of 2,000 pounds. You shall pay for the utilities separately, based on your consumption. For the first month, you will pay a security deposit of an additional 2,000 pounds which will be returned to you when you leave the premises.

I would also like to add that as the tenant of the house, you will be responsible for any day-to-day maintenance and keep the house in good condition. However if there are any major structural repairs required, I shall pay for the expenses.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Matthew King

21 Greenwood Drive, London