A lease proposal template is the basic structure on which a lease proposal can be created. A lease proposal is a proposition forwarded usually made by a real estate broker who makes an offer about leasing the property to the landlord and the tenant. He makes the brief summary of the terms and conditions of the lease and if the two parties accept the proposal they can go ahead and make an agreement. This is just a lease proposal and so nothing that is said here is legally binding but it gives information about the property and serves as guide to the landlord and the tenant in the creation of the final agreement.

Sample Lease Proposal Template:

Name of landlord: [Give name of landlord or lessor]

Address: [Give address of landlord or lessor]

Name of tenant: [Mention name of tenant or lessee]

Address: [Mention address of tenant or lessee]

Premises location: [Give the address of the building to be leased]

Premises area: [Mention area of the property]

Rent: [Give the rent amount or an estimated amount]

Lease proposal prepared on: [Date of preparation of lease]

Proposal prepared by: [Name of broker or anyone else who has created the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Give date of submission of proposal]

Purpose: [State the purpose of the lease proposal, what is the basic content and how it will help the lessee and lessor create an agreement]

Details of Lease proposal:

[Mention the fundamental terms and conditions of the lease in the proposal so that the lessee and lessor can get information]

Proposal signed and approved by:

Landlord: __________

Tenant: __________