Lease proposals are documents which contain information about the lease deals that are to be struck between two parties, one referred to as the lessor, and the other, the lessee. A lease proposal, if signed by the participants and ratified through the public notary, becomes a legal document. The lessee usually initiates the lease proposal by approaching the lessor for the latter’s consent to leasing an item, property or product belonging to him. Some important points which need to be kept in mind while framing lease proposals are as follows:

  • Lease proposals must contain accurate personal and professional information about the lessor and the lessee when it pertains to the transaction.
  • Crucial in lease proposals, the proposer must incorporate details of his financial condition so that the lessor is assured of the former’s ability to make regular payments and other such financial matters.
  • Lease proposals must be written in a tone of humility and courtesy.
  • Lease proposals, if initiated by the lessee, must indicate what the lessee wishes to lease, the payments the lessee will be able to make, the duration of the lease and so on.
  • It is a document which places a proposal before the lessor, and will be judged on its merit and clarity.

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