A professional in the legal business who is hired to provide guidance and advice to an entity, may need to make use of a document that formally extends advice to the respective client.  Such a document is known as a legal advisory proposal and it should be framed in such a manner so as to convince the recipient of its intention and action. Following is a sample of the legal advisory proposal for all those who need any assistance.

Sample Legal Advisory Proposal:

Date: 15th April 2013

Proposal presented to: Mr. Bart Woodson, Chief Operations Officer

Holly Hansen Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal Statement:

The agenda of the proposal is to present the client company i.e. Holly Henson Enterprises with a solution to its legal problems in the light of the new legislation implemented on the industry of its operations. The detail of the legal advice provided by our firm follows below.

Details of the Proposal:

  • The first step to be taken by the organisation to look after the reputation in the economy which may later on affect its legal reputation is to issue a press release as soon as possible.
  • The press release statement must highlight the lack of awareness about the legal complications to the firm and the action taken by it as soon as the legal troubles came to in front of the management.
  • The next step will be to keep out of any further legal altercations with the state. For this the company will need get all of its financial and other records in line and properly arranged.
  • We will analyse all these documents and highlight the innocence of the firm and its management.
  • Once we find the consolidated data on how the legal trouble of inevitable but not due to any fault on part of the firm, we will present it to the authorities and find a dignified solution for it.

Presented and prepared by: Mr. Jeremy Morrison

Organisation Details: Grand & Halls Law Firms Pvt. Ltd.