Legal aid offices are established to help all general public members who lack financial backing, by providing them legal support. When these offices want to propose project ideas to higher authorities and seek their approval, they need to frame official documents. These are referred to as legal aid project proposal, and can also be used to make official proposals within the legal aid office.

Sample Legal Aid Project Proposal:

Presentation day: 25th of August, 2013

Proposal presented by: Mrs. Lauran Karen, Senior Legal Manager.

Organisation Details: Legal Aid Office, Grayson County Street, California, USA.

Proposal presented to: Mr. Kurt Henderson

District State Attorney, California, USA.

Correspondence Address: 1243, Marion Street, California, USA.

About the Project:

The proposed project is to deal with the lack of legal aid for the female citizens of the state of California who are victims of home violence. There are many women in the state who suffering from domestic violence and have no means of supporting a legal avenue out of the turmoil.


The specifications of the project are as follows:

  • The only target population for the project will be female victims of domestic violence.
  • There will be no discrimination between anyone based on the racial, financial, moral etc. aspects of the being.
  • Special domestic violence booths are set up in the Legal Aid offices all through the city.
  • The legal individuals manning these booths must be well equipped with proper training, skill and experience to handle the adversity and intensity of these domestic violence cases.
  • The need for special attention for women suffering domestic violence comes from the rise in the cases of domestic violence cases recorded in the medical institutions in the city.

Presenter’s Notes:

I hope that the authorities will understand the importance and the critical nature of the issue dealt with in the project and allot adequate resources for the same.