A legal consultancy proposal is a type of a proposal which is written by a legal firm or a legal consultancy company to propose its services to a prospective client or company. The proposal must be detailed and should talk about the various benefits of hiring the proposal presenter. It should give a brief objective followed by the other information.  A sample of one such proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample legal consultancy proposal

Name of Consultancy Company: Henderson Law Firm

Address of company: 4444, Timothy road, 5555-East, London, UK

Proposal presented by: Fin Mathews

Legal consultant, Henderson Law Firm

Proposal approved by: Greg Henderson,

Owner, Henderson Law Firm

Proposal presented on: 9th June 2014

Proposal presented to:  John Dawson,

Owner at Dawson Group of Companies

Proposal accepted on: 15th June 2014

Proposal objective:

We propose to offer you our top quality legal consultancy services on an yearly basis. Our services are especially designed for business law matters, estate planning, probate law planning and will help you simplify business matters involving legal jurisdiction.

About Us:

Henderson Law Firm is a reputed legal company functioning since 1989 in London. We are associated with some of the top business leaders, celebrities, business companies and other affluent persons. We have been awarded as the best law company of UK 7 times in 25 years.

Details of the proposal

  • We shall be handling all the legal matters associated with your business and those which might come up during the effective length of the arrangement.
  • We shall be helping you with filing documents, filing petitions, simplifying legal procedures and arranging the needed paperwork.
  • We will be providing you unbiased consultancy and representation (if required) during the course of effective term.
  • We will be charging a monthly fee of $2000 from you as long as the term remains effective.