A legal proposal contract is a written document signed between a law firm and a client or another party by which they enter into a legal agreement in order to accomplish or achieve something. A contract is an agreement where two parties have a mutually beneficial alliance and in this case it may be a contract where a client is seeking the services of the law firm to fight his case and in return for which he will pay the firm a fee amount. No matter what the content of the legal proposal contract is, the document must include the names and contact details of both the parties, mention the topic of the contract and other necessary terms of the contract.

Sample Legal Proposal Contract:

Name of firm: Hastings and Bros

Address: 293 Rock Road, West Virginia

Phone number: 8203984032

Email ID: hastings@yahoo.com

Minimum legal fee per hour: $100

Name of client: Mary Jones

Address: 45 Great Hills, West Virginia

Phone number: 3454363643

Email ID: jones@yahoo.com

Purpose: The purpose of this legal proposal contract is to make a proposition on a possible contract regarding a particular case and discuss the terms and conditions to be put in the contract, should the proposal be accepted

Other details of Legal Proposal Contract:

  • The client requires the services of the firm for fighting an eviction case against her tenant Mr Davy Adams, who has been staying at the house owned by her even after the lease period has been over.
  • The client is willing to pay for the firm’s charges if it fights the case on her behalf