A legal proposal example is an instance presenting a proposal related to the legal field. A legal proposal may be made by a law firm to its client for various reasons like offering its services, make a contract for representing the client, or it can also made by an individual to a law firm whereby one can ask for a job to work there as displayed in a legal employment proposal. A legal proposal is thus a wide area and many different types of proposals can be written in this field. Depending on the title or the purpose, a legal proposal can be prepared.

Sample Legal Proposal Example:

Name: William Shilling

Address: 893 Oakview Drive, Memphis

Proposal prepared on: January 11, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Darren Jones


Proposal submitted on: January 12, 2012

Proposal submitted to: Redding and James Associates

Proposal name: Proposal requesting legal representation

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to request the law firm to represent the client mentioned above for a particular case

Other details:

  • The client requires the law firm’s services to represent it in a case
  • The law firm will be paid $50,000 plus 10% of the compensation paid to the client, if the lawyer wins the case. This is, however, negotiable and the amount can be increased
  • The client will supply all the necessary information required by the firm in doing research and solving case
  • If this case is won, the client shall considering hiring the services of the law firm for a longer term.