A legal proposal form is a document offered by a law firm to a client or vice versa where the content can range between a large number of topics. The most common example of a legal proposal form is where the client has to fill up the details of the case he wants the firm to fight for and also give his own information. There are some forms where a law student may want to do research and in this case needs the law firm to fill up the form. In a legal proposal form concerning employment, an interested candidate may have to give information about his qualifications and experience to the law form.

Sample Legal Proposal Form:


Name of firm: _______

Address: _________

Phone number: ________

Email ID: __________

Minimum legal fee per hour: __________

Name of client: __________

Address: __________

Phone number: __________

Email ID: ___________

What is the proposal about? ____________

Please describe what kind of services you require from our law firm: _____________

Kindly give a few details of your case to help us understand about it: ____________

Please add any other additional details related to the case. ____________

How do you plan to go about the proposal and what methodology will you use? ____________

How did you come to know about our firm? ____________

Is there any particular lawyer you want to work with specifically? _____________

What do you plan to achieve from this proposal and how will it help you? ____________

Proposal submitted to: _________

Proposal accepted and signed by: Name ___________

Designation ___________

Date: ___________