A legal proposal format serves as a guideline for creating a legal proposal. It tells us what we are supposed to include when formulating a legal proposal. Like any other proposal, it mentions that we must include the name and contact details of two or more parties and then go on to describe the title and purpose of the proposal, funds required and so on. A legal proposal format deals with legal matters and can relate to correspondence, research or services. The content of the format shall depend on the title of the proposal. But nevertheless, certain basic features, like the ones mentioned above, remain same.

Sample Legal Proposal Format:

Name of firm: __________

Title of proposal: _____________

Proposal presented by: __________

Date of presenting the proposal__________________

First paragraph: The first paragraph provides the introduction to the legal proposal by mentioning the name of the proposal and describing what it is all about. The purpose must also describe how the proposal is going to aid the firm or the other party.

Second paragraph: The second para goes on to talk about the legal proposal in a more detailed manner and gives more information about the topic. It also describes the plan of action and other relevant details of the proposal which have a direct bearing on the case.

Third paragraph: The last para is written to conclude the proposal and rounds off the content by summarizing everything mentioned above. If funds are required for say, conducting legal research, then that amount must also be mentioned in the proposal