A legal proposal letter is a legal proposal made in the form of a letter. The content in the letter can refer to different topics depending on the purpose of writing the letter. Some of the legal proposal letters may be written requesting the services of a law firm, while another may be written on behalf of a law firm sending notices. A legal letter may also be addressed to firm asking for employment or sent by the firm proposing a publicity campaign. No matter what the topic of the letter is, it must be written like any letter where the first para must describe the purpose of writing the letter; the body must give details of the case and finally conclude it in the last para.

Sample Legal Proposal Letter:


Alan Jensen,

Senior Partner,

Morgan and Jensen Associates,

29 Memphis Drive, Memphis

Subject: Require corporate legal services

Dear Mr. Jensen,

We would like to request your services to help us with a case regarding the recent pollution of the river Granger with waste products from our factory.

Your firm has a good record of solving cases of this nature and we would be grateful if you take up our case. If you choose to accept this proposal, money will not be an issue and we can strike a good deal. Also, our representative will meet you describe the case in details ad our role in it.

We hope to hear a positive reply from you,

William Ackles

Manager, Ackles Corporation,

39 Cherry tree Lane, Memphis