A legal proposal template is the basic framework on the basis of which a legal proposal can be created. It presents the structure and describes in a step by step fashion how to fill up a legal proposal by giving the required information in the blank spaces. A legal proposal is an umbrella terms which might refer to any proposal which has relation to a legal topic or is related to a law firm. The content of the legal proposal will vary according to the different types of legal proposal and the purpose or objective. Some of them deal with legal research, while others may refer to legal services.

Sample Legal Proposal Template:

Name of firm: [Mention the name of the law company]

Address: [Give address of firm]

Proposal prepared on: [Date of preparation of proposal]

Proposal prepared by: [Name and designation of employee or intern who has made the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Date of submission of proposal]

Proposal name: [Give the name of the case or a title of the proposal]

Purpose: [Mention the purpose, goal, objective of creating the proposal and how it will be useful for the organisation]

Other details:

  • [Give a description of the different steps to be taken for the achieving the purpose mentioned in the legal proposal
  • Also mention the number of people working on the matter described in the proposal]

Estimated funds required: [Mention amount of funds if the firm needs to spend on the proposal topic]

Proposal signed and approved by: [Give name and designation of authorized signatory]