Legal proposals are declarations of legal intent regarding any matter which needs to be resolved under the aegis of the law. For example, any decision which needs to be sorted by a higher authority [in this case, the law] must first be stated by means of a legal proposal. Legal proposals outline the nature of the matter to be scrutinized, its pros and cons, the various terms and conditions to govern the proposal and so on.

Legal proposals must be drawn up with a lot of care and precision. They should be initiated by lawyers who are well versed in the technical aspects of offering legal proposals.

Such proposals must be written in accordance with the rules of the courts, and in the relevant legal terminology. Legal proposals are usually initiated by one party and the other party in the legal case files a reply indicating their stance. Thus, a case develops and hence, the importance of legal proposals is immense.

The importance of a legal proposal lies in its role as an initiator of juridical cases. They must be free of errors and factually inaccuracies. Since they are legal documents, they have immense validity in a court of law.