A legal research proposal proposes the need of a legal research work. A legal proposal is based on a legal matter that a lawyer takes upon himself assigned by his client. It is a matter of legal intricacies and the legal advisor has to be very sharp and calculating to deal with such matters.

Sample Legal Research Proposal

Name of the legal firm: Houston Legal Firm

Office address: 67, Queen’s Avenue, New York

Legal proposal given by: Mrs Eva Brown

Subject of legal proposal: The proposal is based on a petition for a legitimate divorce. The concerned person wants a quick separation from her husband on humanitarian grounds. The required details of the concerned proposal maker are provided in this document. These are as follows:

Year of marriage: 2001

Number of children: 2 sons

Profession of the wife: Homemaker

Profession of the husband: Businessman

Financial condition: Stable

Home environment: Noisy, quarrelsome, disturbed

Reason for filing the petition: The concerned person has lodged a legal complaint of her husband’s ill habits, that is, he returns late at night, consumes alcohol and brutally tortures her, engages in rash driving and threatens her with sharp objects. On certain occasions, he has openly insulted her in front of guests. She is in a psychological trauma and refuses to stay with her husband.

Evidences: The petitioner has bruises and cut marks on her upper lip, chin, wrist and back.

Ready witnesses: Viva Brown, Mr. Brown’s sister and Kurt Hoffman, Mrs Brown’s friend.

Date on which legal proposal was presented: 29th June, 2011