When a company working in legal services provision writes a proposal to any of its clients or prospective client to promote a business idea or proposition, it is referred to as a legal services business proposal. The proposal could consist of details of the legal services firm, the proposition they are making and all the other details which may be relevant for the involved parties. Below is a sample of a legal services business proposal.

Sample Legal Services Business Proposal:

Presentation date: 20th April 2013

Proposal presented by: Mr. John Gilbert

Senior Executive, Carlson Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal presented to: Mr. Killian Ruth

Senior Partner, Hardman & Pearson Law Firm

Company Address: 14th Floor, Bristol Towers, Hanley Square, Chicago, USA.

About Carlson Enterprises Pvt. Ltd:

Carlson Enterprises is one of the best in its segment and is looking to expand the business. We are looking for a suitable law firm to look after our legal interests and provide us with the needed consultant services in legal matters.

Proposal Details:

Statement: Under this proposal, I, on behalf of the whole organisation and the legal department of the Carlson Enterprises Ltd. would like to propose the beginning of legal services business collaboration.


  • We are proposing to collaborate with Hardman & Pearson Law Firm and make it the official partner in provision of all legal assistance required by Carlson Enterprises.
  • We will keep the firm on retainer and so that we can comfortably switch to seek assistance as and when the business requires.
  • The law firm will be required to make the operations of Carlson one of its priorities and provide with all legal and consulting services.
  • We are looking at long term collaboration with the beginning contract for 3 years.
  • If the proposition is accepted to the law firm, the fee to be charged can be further discussed.