Library project proposal is generally prepared as a valuable document that would clearly present the idea and scope of any developing project related to library. Naturally it would involve the various subsidiary issues associated with the project and outline plans for individual development, and an overall estimate of conducting the entire project successfully.

Sample Library Project Proposal

Name of the library: The International Library for Advanced Studies.

Organization undertaking the project: Smith Group of Companies.

Date of publishing the proposal: 6th March, 2011

Objective of the proposal:

The primary motive of the library proposal so published is to collect tenders for the renovation of the structure as well as content of the library.

Various activities planned to be involved:

  • The surface area of the library is to be increased, with the introduction of various departments to handle specific sections of books.
  • A large number of books are to be introduced in the library, as it has been lagging in providing extraordinary books for advanced studies.
  • The collection of rare issues needs to be arranged properly, with some more additions welcome.
  • A more updated and recent collection of journals needs to be incorporated for effective functioning.
  • The library has, for a long time, been subject to careless treatment and now readily needs to be repaired in many portions.

Estimated budget for the entire project: $65000

Project time frame: 15th June – 25th November, 2011

We hope to hear from all investors at the earliest. All are requested to kindly note that no responses will be entertained after 27th May, 2011.

Thanking You,

Miss Maria Johannson

Vice President

Smith Group of Companies.

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