A lightening design proposal is a document which contains the plans by which the lightening of a building, an area or a residential property shall be completed. Lightening impacts the mood of a room, the way its look turns out to be brighter and the final effect of a space becomes soothing. Hence it is an extremely important aspect of interior or even exterior design. Thus, care should be taken to ensure that the lightening design proposal includes all of these points.

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Sample Lightening Design Proposal:

Lightening Design Proposal

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The following is the lightening design proposal of our company, Interiors Inc., created at the request of the client of your company, Mr. John Monroe. The request was made in writing on the 5th of July 2011, upon which we sent some of our professionals to the apartment of Mr. Monroe. Based on their surveys, the following aspects have been agreed on:

Décor: The décor chosen by the client is spare and very futuristic. Hence the lightening should reflect that contemporaneity. The lightening fixtures chosen by us are very edgy and minimalistic.

Price: The total cost for completing the lightening design of the apartment will be around 1100000 USD. This is inclusive of our fees, and other allied costs like wiring and service charges.

Time: The duration of completion of lightening design will be around two months.

Date of preview: We shall be ready with a preview [digital], in August, of how the apartment shall look after the lights have been added to the décor. This shall be followed by a final preview in September.