A logistics management proposal is a professional record to hold technical records of managing logistics of a particular firm or organization. Logistics management is important for all firms that have production or manufacturing units of any form, as they need effective and continuous tracking of all goods and services. A logistics management department is generally set to specifically look after such activities, and proposals for effective management are required.

Sample Logistics Management Proposal:

Proposal for: Genuine Leathers Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal prepared by: Malcolm Consultants for Management Services, New Jersey

Dated as on: 25-Sep-2014

Need for the Proposal:

Genuine Leathers is a renowned name in the market of leathered goods. Logistics, quite naturally, form an integral part of business for the company and needs to be managed efficiently. The proposal would cater to the requirements specific to Logistics Management – right from production at the New Jersey and San Francisco sites to the customer sites through various distribution channels.

The proposal comprise of the following details:

  • Logistics forms its basis in the production-distribution phase of the product lifecycle, and thus involves maximum features that dictate the success or failure of the business. The primary requisite is that the product(s) need(s) to be known and understood thoroughly.
  • The logistics management activities would start right from the stage where raw materials are collected and brought to factories. Quality should never be compromised with, at any cost.
  • The manufacturing unit actions are to be reviewed as part of the logistics management plan. Units of goods being manufactured are to be entered into the management system so as to avoid any discrepancy.
  • The supply chain management will be an integral part of logistics management. It is to be carefully maintained that all supplies be accounted for.
  • Also, pending demands should be noted to the system and evaluated separately. New manufacturing plans should be devised in keeping with these statistics.
  • The logistics management would be accompanied with adequate promotions and publicity over the internet.