A logo design proposal is a document which identifies and addresses the chief areas of importance in a logo design project. It is an important document which must be given the consideration that it deserves. It is presented by a company or individual specializing in logo design to the company or organization for which the logo has to be designed. It must highlight the concept behind the logo, and other associated areas like price, duration of completion must also be mentioned.

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Sample Logo Design Proposal:

Logo Design Proposal

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Name of company designing the logo: Logo centric Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 2001

Date of submission of logo design proposal: 14th June 2011

Company for which the logo has to be designed: Athlete Sporting Club.

Product for which the logo has to be designed: Athlete Energy Drink

Duration for design of logo: Three months

Date of first preview of completed logo: 6th July 2011

Date of final preview of completed logo: 8th August 2011

Logo design conceptualized by: Simon Schuster [please check attached dossier for a brief preliminary outline of the logo, including rough diagrammatic sketches]

Thoughts behind the logo:

  • The logo has been designed keeping in mind the brand’s positioning of itself as a chief seller of sports goods, and one of the premier baseball clubs in the United States.
  • The brand name has immediate recall value and hence, the logo for the energy drink will have elements that will be taken from the logo of the club itself. This will cause a harmonizing of the two entities and increase the brand value.