A love poetry proposal is a way of expressing one’s love to one’s beloved in the form of a poem. Poetry has often been used to express love since ages as it is the most romantic way of proposing to someone. There have been sonnets to epics written by love-struck people for the most important person in their loves. It is know that love makes us a poet and although you need not compose sonnets like Shakespeare or poems like Browning, you can write your poems in your own words. It need not rhyme and can be in free verse, but make sure that it expresses your true feelings so that your love will be moved and impressed by you. Think of what makes you happy about your beloved and write down a few lines expressing you love through a love poetry proposal.

Sample Love Poetry Proposal:


Roseline Pew

920 Arlington Avenue,

San Antonio

Your eyes are like the deep blue ocean

Your hair is like the dark storm clouds,

Your lips are like rose petals

And your smile is like the sun.

Your presence fills me with laughter

Your touch drives away my pain,

Your words give me hope and joy,

I feel like such a blessed boy.

Please accept my heart as I lay it before you

Everything I am in life is because of you,

I will always love you, will you be mine forever?

I will always keep you happy, please say yes dear.

With lots of love,


21 Barton Springs Lane,

San Antonio

January 12, 2012