Love proposal example refers to a sample document where a person expresses his love for his beloved and proposes that he or she wants to be in a romantic relationship with him or her. A love proposal can be made during any stage of a relationship, especially during dating or when the couple has romantic feelings towards each other. The proposal is made to express the desire to start a committed relationship. The proposal must be made in a memorable way so that your loved one feels special. Either say it verbally or in writing and use your creativity to express your affection. Love proposals are popularly made on Valentines’ day where one expresses his desire to have a steady relationship. These types of proposals are generally written in a form of love letters.

Sample Love Proposal Example:


Wesley Adams,

192 Morrow Lane,


My dear Wesley,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings for you. Since I have met you, my life has taken a whole new meaning and you show me the world in a different light. I feel so happy and encouraged with you and look forward to every date. I want to spend every moment of my life with you, cherishing all our experiences and for that I would like to propose to you something: Will you be in an exclusive romantic relationship with me? I will be on top of this world if you accept my proposal.

Waiting for your reply with all my heart and soul,

Yours truly,

Jamie Lawson,

193 Putnam Lane,


February 17, 2012