A love proposal format is like a guideline and list of instructions which help one make an effective and heartfelt love proposal. A love proposal is made to the person one loves and wants to spend his life with and so the content of the proposal varies from person to person. But there are some basic points that one needs to keep in mind while forming the proposal. Like any other proposal it must be addressed to a receiver and the purpose of the proposal must be stated in the beginning. That way your beloved knows what to expect from the proposal and by reading about your love for her, she can make decision about whether to be with you or not.

Sample Love Proposal Format:

Sender’s details: _________

Receiver’s details: __________

Date of presenting proposal: __________

Place: ________

First paragraph: The first paragraph of the proposal is the most crucial part because here you will be professing your love for a very important person in your life and you should do it right as that creates the first impression. Keep your thoughts genuine, emotional yet do not over do it.

Second paragraph: In the second para you can write about the proposal in more details by describing what how you feel about her and why is she such an important person to you. You can compliment her and share your feelings about her presence in your life.

Third paragraph: The last paragraph should sum up all that you have said to her and hope for a positive answer from her.