A love proposal letter is sent by a person to the girl or boy he/she loves and with whom he/she wants to have a relationship. By sending a love letter, a boy expresses his desire to be with that person and it is a promise of love, companionship and support. There are many ways one can create a love letter but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and not appear to be pompous by using words which no one would understand. You must show your vulnerable side and at the same time be honest about your feelings. Compliment your beloved so that he or she feels special and say why he or she is important to you.

Sample Love Proposal Letter:


Lara James

22 West Koenig Lane,


Dear Lara,

Please accept this letter as my fondest expression of love for you. Since you have come to my life, I have become a better person and I want to be better for you. You inspire me to reach my goals and comfort me when I feel discouraged. You are indeed the kindest and most beautiful person I have met and I am so glad to have you in my life. I would be extremely elated if you would accept my proposal and agree to be in a relationship with me. It would mean the world to me and I assure you I will always be there for you.

With lots of love,

Yours truly,


20 South Hills Avenue,


January 12, 2012