A love proposal template is used as a basic framework on which a love proposal is created. It provides the structure which one needs to follow and can be used as guideline in order to write a love proposal. Since the preferences of every person are different, one can make some modifications in the template and fill up the blank spaces with the content of one’s choice. There is no right or wrong way to make a proposal but one must keep in mind a few things like it is better to be honest than write big words which seem unreal, or one can also mention little things which only you and your beloved know to make the proposal more special.

Sample Love Proposal Template:

Name of receiver: [Give name of your beloved here]

Address: [Mention address of your beloved]

Purpose: [Although an informal letter need not give the purpose like a formal letter, you can add a heading on top of the letter to let him/her know what this is all about]

Proposal content: [This is body of the proposal and contains the crucial part. Add content according to what your beloved likes]

Dear [name of beloved],

[Content should contain lines like “Please accept this proposal as my confession of love for you” or “I love you and want to be in a relationship with you”]

With all my love,

Yours truly,

Sender: [Give your name]

Address: [Mention your address]

Date: [Mention date of making this proposal]

Place: [Write name of place where letter was composed]