Love proposals are declarations of love made by an individual to another. They are the verbal or written transformations of strong emotions, and thus, a lot depends on these proposals. In order to make the love proposal effective, sincerity and warmth are the key requirements. There is always a danger of getting carried away when one is proposing, but restraint in love proposals elicits a better response than overwhelming emotions.

Love proposals are largely dependent on the taste of both the sender and the recipient. They can be of different kinds depending on the nature and preferences of the partners. While some prefer elaborate and long declarations of love, others prefer to keep it short and sweet.

In order to make an effective love proposal, one must be honest and frank about one’s feelings irrespective of the outcome of the love proposal. Sincerity is the key and all efforts should be made to ensure that the basic core of feeling does not lie buried under elaborate and ostentatious declarations.

There must also be some thought given to timing as far as love proposals are concerned. The moment of proposal should be chosen carefully. However, some individuals may prefer the spontaneity of an unplanned declaration.