Lovely day wedding proposal refers to a document to propose someone for wedding on a special day. In this proposal the feelings and emotions are beautifully expressed to fetch the positive response from the love of the life. It will also contain the reason behind choosing that specific day. The wedding proposal has to plan well in advance, as it is the most important day in the life of both the lovers. To increase the chances of acceptance of the proposal keep the preferences of your beloved in mind and write the proposal accordingly.

Sample Lovely Day Wedding Proposal:


Jane Roberts,

Seaford, Lincolnshire

My dear Jane,

Your love is like a drop of rain in the deserted land, which soothes the soul and quenches all the thirsts. You are the one who has made my life a saga of happiness and delight. Last 5 years have been a wonderful journey with your love and care. Your love has given me immense strength to face all the challenges of life. You are the special person of my life and I cannot even think of any life in your absence. Today is 17th February, the day when we first met in the office. This is the day which brought you into my life. This is the day which has given a new direction and aspiration to my being. Thus on this very special day I would ask you: Will you please marry me and be my soul mate forever?

Please accept this token of love and make my life worth living for.

You’re Love,

John Adams,